Mount View Hotel Napa Valley rolls back room rates to original 1912 prices!


Mt View Hotel  1930MountViewHotel-Front-100-years-of-hospitality-bright

European Hotel

In celebration of  over 100 years of hospitality, Mount View Hotel is offering a third night at the hotel’s original 1912 room rate of just 50 cents!

Mount View Hotel & Spa Napa Valley is a registered historic landmark on the National Register of Historic Places with a rich history spanning over 100 years.

The hum of hot air balloon burners overhead, small town tranquility and the nostalgia of the 1920s-the Mount View Hotel in Calistoga offers all these attractions.
Johnny Ghisolfo was from the “old country’ and had business sense-he built the Mount View Hotel. The history of the Mount View is closely tied to both his personal history and to the history of Calistoga which he greatly influenced, being several terms its Mayor and City Council member. He was called “Mr. Calistoga” by local citizens. Under him the Mount View Hotel was not only a place for travelers but also a gathering place for prominent locals.

In 1912 he purchased the European Hotel on the site of the present day Mount View. He worked there as a bartender and also owned a ranch on Silverado Trail where he grew grapes for his winery. For the grand sum of $5,000. he purchased the hotel and operated it until 1918. The fee was $1.00 per day for a room and three meals.

Today, in celebration of Mount View’s over 100 years of hospitality, the hotel is offering a third night at the hotel’s original room rates in 1912 for just 50 cents. The hotel will be offering this historic special through out Napa Valley’s Cabernet Season, now through the end of February 2015.

To reserve the Historic Special, please call: 800-816-6877 with promo code: HISTORIC14

To read the full history of Mount View Hotel & Spa, visit:


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