Introduction to our Winery Partner Series

We are excited to launch our Winery Partner Series that will highlight the exclusive wine tasting opportunities at our 13 winery partners. This series will showcase the unique brand aspects of each partner and why we recommend them to our guests!

What it really comes down to is the wine, the main reason why people visit the Napa Valley! What people are really looking for is an experience that they will never forget and a bottle of wine to take home with them to re-cherish the moment. With over 400 tasting rooms in the Napa Valley, wineries must curate an experience for their guests that is unique to their brand and a message that the visitor can connect to.

The Mount View Hotel & Spa is always looking for ways to enhance the visitors traveling experience. One way we do this is by partnering up with local wineries in the Calistoga area to help carry the moment beyond a traditional tasting room. Our 13 winery suites and cottages are individually designed to each brand and allows for our guests to enjoy the wines of premium Napa wineries in the comfort of their own suite.

Stay tuned for an exciting series that highlights the tasting opportunities you can enjoy during your stay at the Mount View Hotel & Spa.


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